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Quality assurance is vital at Huidi. Therefore we are CE compliant, and we have established a strict quality control system which covers everything from the machinery parts we use, through assembly, to final machine testing. We thoroughly inspect any incoming products and require 100% quality passing rate, or they are rejected and the supplier is no longer used. Our employees are highly skilled, and we offer additional routine training which they must complete successfully. We also have a team of engineers and technicians with over ten years of experience in the printing industry which can ensure the quality of our UV printer, inkjet printing machine, and other products. Packaging is also strictly controlled. We ship all our printing machines, such as our vinyl printer and flex banner printer, in a fumigation free plywood container.

Offering customers the highest quality printing machines at the lowest prices is our goal at Huidi. We accomplish this by acquiring the lowest prices on quality supplies and outsourced products, manufacturing on a large scale, and making full use of our advantageous location in Shanghai, which gives us access to quick and lower cost shipping. As a result of our exceptional products and services, we now export our UV printing machine, inkjet printer, and other types of digital printers to over 30 countries and regions, including Europe, Russia, India, Malaysia, Iran, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Thailand, and more.

We offer UV printing machine, inkjet printing machine and Indoor and Outdoor Printer which are mainly used in ad printing industry. We possess top technical team which can support our product and ensure its quality.