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    1. HDA3308KM Inkjet Printing MachineHDA3308KM inkjet printing machine we provide is equipped with eight Konica branded 512 42/14 Pl print heads having functions of model switch and piezoelectric smart ink supply. This KM 512 print head it uses has resolution of 360 dpi which allows 512 tiny nozzles to be arranged in the head. The piezoelectric ink charging method it adopts can make electric field according to the order from controller to inject tiny ink drops by changing the form of ink chamber. The inkjet printing machine can work with numbers of heads bound together at the same time.
    1. HDA3316XR Inkjet Printing MachineOur HDA3316XR inkjet printing machine works on basis of sixteen XAAR 128 40 PL steel print head made in Britain and each one has 128 nozzles with options of 35 Pl or 60 Pl droplets. The print head it adopts owns max printing accuracy at 1440dpi, tough steel structure and high speed of printing. The XAAR 128 print head our printer uses has high ignition frequency of 8.3 KHz. It is portable but powerful. It weighs only 15.5g and has a general connector which makes it suitable for devices for various applications of OEM.