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Ceramic Tile Printing Machine

Ceramic Tile Printing Machine

Model Hornet UVF2512
Resolution Up to 1600dpi
Print Head Control Print head temperature and voltage
Media Printing Width 2.5m
Print Head SPECTRA POLARIS 512/15PL*10
UV Energy Source Dual UV lamps with dual shutters, which can be user-selectable independently for two lamp power levels
Color 4 color/double 4 color/6 color/white or varnish
Max. Material Thickness 0mm ~ 80mm
Table Pressure 150kg/m 2
Ink UV Curing Ink
Control System Windows 2000 workstation/Windows XP/Vista/Window7
Media glass/ceramic/aluminum/wood/door/cardboard/Chevron board and so on
Printing Resolution and Speed Standard 360X1200 44 m 2 / h (4H)88 m 2 / h (8H)
High 360X1600 28 m 2 / h (4H)56 m 2 / h (8H)
Ultra high 360X1200 17 m 2 / h (4H)34 m 2 / h (8H)
RIP Software Photoprint 10 /Seeget
Operation Environment Power: 6KW AC (single phase), 50HZ/60HZ 220V (± 10%) , 33A
Distortion: <0.5% Temperature: 18 ℃ ~ 26 ℃ Humidity: 40% ~ 70%
Dimension (LxWxH) 4390X2100X1400mm
Weight 1080kg

SPRINTER is a China-based ceramic tile printing machine manufacturer. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including inkjet printing machine, flex banner printer, HORNET UV printer, vinyl printer, and much more.

Main Products
    1. MAKECOLOR UV PrinterOur MAKECOLOR UV printer features its compatibility of KM 1024 spray head, abbreviated for Konica branded 1024 14pl wide format spray head, which is equal to double 512 14pl high precision spray unit. It can use the KM 1024 spray head to work at a printing width of 72mm, which gives our MAKECOLOR series printer an outstanding work efficiency.
    1. HORNET UV PrinterOur HORNET UV printer features SPECTRA POLARIS 514 15/PL spray made in US head whose printing width is 64.77mm, ink droplet size can reach15PL, max resolution can be 1,000DPI and ignition frequency can be 45KHZ. The ink spray head we fix on our machine is new in market, 2009. It sprays versatile ink with double line and color which greatly enhances the work efficiency.