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Inkjet Printing Machine

Grade A Ink Barrel Detection Alarming System
The alarming system can inform users of low ink level by sparkling light and sounds.

Ultra Widely Designed Printing Platform
Ultra widely designed printing platform, which is compatible with the installment of multi spray heads, provide convenience for upgrading.

A Design for Detachability
A 40' General Purpose container capable of loading 12 detachable HDK3316KM Ink-jet printers reduces freight and procurement cost.

Imported High-power AC Servo Motor
400W DELTA servo motor with reliable quality can effectively accelerate printing speed.

External Infrared Heating System
External Infrared Heating System can rapidly dry pictures printed in a high speed.

Adjustable Print Head Height
The printer can adjust the height of spray head very conveniently according to different materials.

The application of an 80 mm diameter feed roller makes the movement of media stable and smooth.
The printer is made of macromolecule polymer which possesses reliable function and long service life.
Each colored button controls the ink-cleaning of a correspondingly colored spray head. If the green spray head is clogged by ink, user merely needs to push the green button to start ink-cleaning and then the air blow/suction. The system conserves ink and ensures the perfect quality of the printed materials.
Four in one temperature controller with LED display screen maintains a constant temperature and makes it rather convenient for users to set up an expected temperature.

LED Lamp Illumination
LED illumination for printing platform provides convenience for the observation of test bar and the quality of printed picture.

Completely new discharging and feeding system ensures a smoother movement of media and a more convenient material receiving.

Technical Parameters of HDK3316KM Ink-jet Printer

Model HDK3316KM
Maximum DPI UP to 1440dpi
Spray Head Konica 512 14PL/42PL
Printing Width 3.2m / 126 inch
Print Speed Production Mode / 110 m
Precision Mode / 80 m
High Precision Mode / 50 m
Color CMYK
Width of Material 3.2m /126 inch
Material Handling Roll to Roll
Type of Material Lamp-box cloth, advertising banner, PVC, advertisement cloth, car sticker, mesh material, etc.
Ink Solvent ink
Image File Format TIFF, JPG, EPS, PDF, BMP, etc.
Ink Drying System pre-heating & post-heating of media, heating of spraying platform, air dryer system
Printing Software Photoprint with PRT format
Operating System Windows 2000 workstation, Windows XP, Vista, Window7 32bit.
Operating Environment Power requirements Single phase AC/50HZ/60HZ 220V(±10%)/above15A Distortion/below0.5% Temperature/20℃-30℃ Humidity/40%-70%
Dimension (Length x Width x Height) 4420mm x 1350mm x 1400mm
Weight 700kg /800kg
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