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Inkjet Printing Machine

Our HDT1808KM inkjet printing machine features ink piezoelectric charging method, which can make electric field according to the order from controller to inject tiny ink drops by changing the form of ink chamber. Utilizing public ink chamber, the printer can start in piezoelectric way and run in shear modem which can it quite power saving. This advanced inkjet printing device we provide is equipped with eight Konica branded 512 42/14 Pl print heads abbreviated for KM 512 print head. We specially dislocate the eight spray heads to enhance their resolution in sum to 1440dpi.

Technical Specification

Drive Mode Piezoelectric
Nozzle Resolution 180dpi×2 line = 360dpi
Nozzle Number 256 ×2 line = 512
Nozzle Spacing 70.5μm =(141μm 2 line)
Droplet 42pl 14pl
Transmitting Frequency 7.6kHz 12.8kHz
Printing Width 36.1mm
Dimensions(W×D×H) 67mm×40mm×72mm
Solvent-based Ink Available Available
UV Ink Available Available
Oil Ink Available Available
Max droplet in grey scale - 3 drops
Internal Ink Available Available
Model HDT1808KM(8*KOMICA 512 42/14PL)
Resolution Up to 1440dpi
Printhead KOMICA 512 42/14PL
Media Printing Width 1.8M
Color C , M , Y , K/C , M , Y , K , LC , LM
Media Handling Roll to roll
Media Paper / advertising banner / PVC / adhensive vinyl and so on
Ink Eco-solvent and solvent-based cmyk
Printing Speed Standard 55 m 2 / h
High 35 m 2 / h
Ultra high 25m 2 / h
RIP Software Photoprint 10/Ultraprint/Seeget
Operation Environment Power: 6KW AC( single phase ) 50HZ/60HZ, 220V( ± 10%), 33A
Distortion: <0.5% Temperature: 18 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ Humidity: 40% ~ 70%
Dimension ( LxWxH) 2870X1200X1420mm
Weight 380kg

This KM 512 print head we put into use can can work at a speed of 55 m2/h and piezoelectric and smart ink supply. It uses has resolution of 360 dpi which allows 512 tiny nozzles to be fixed in the head and our inkjet printing machine can work with numbers of heads bound together at the same time. Thus it can make our machine run with lower power consumption. The head in our machine set two ink droplet options for user, L or M, in which L means 42pl and M means 14pl. Moreover the printer can print out more smooth color grading effect when user chooses the four grey level driving models under M. In addition this KM 512 print head can be fed with super solvent ink which is widely used in wide format printer and viscous UV which ink which can be heated to 55 Celsius degrees to avoid viscosity by its inner H type heater.

Regarding the structure design, our inkjet printing machine has a special print head installation design named wing, which can do great help to trim the print heads and do undirected printing by organizing several unit heads and exchange a unit head with another one inside, DELTA servo motor with digital accurate driver that can increase the running accuracy of the machine, ink detection alarm system with LED lamps to tell the ink status of each color, 80mm charging roller, auto carrier cleaning system, THK liner guide rail from Japan which has low noise but high accuracy and removable structural design. For application, our inkjet printing machine can be used in many printing ways such as lamp case cloth, ad cloth, PVC film, vehicle wrap, network, and etc.

We are a specialized inkjet printing machine manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as vinyl printer, flatbed UV printer, sign printer, and flex banner printer.

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