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The HDA3308XR-P inkjet printing machine made by us introduces eight XAAR 382 35/60 PL steel print head made in Britain and each one has 382 orifices with droplet of 35 Pl or 60 Pl for option. The print head it adopts owns max printing accuracy at 1440dpi, tough steel structure and high printing speed. The XAAR branded print head our machine uses has two working states with the printing width of 53.7mm and the adjustable ignition frequency of 9.5 KHz or 7 KHz. User can shut the connector of liquid and electronic parts to make sure the convenience and security of integrating print heads which helps to lower the purchase cost of customer.

Technical Specification

Model HDA3308XR-P(8*XAAR382 35/60PL)
Resolution Up to 1440dpi
Printhead XAAR382 35/60PL
Media Printing Width 3.2m(126 inch)
Speed 2pass 72m2/ h, 3pass 45m2/ h, 4pass 30m2/ h
Color C, M, Y, K/ C, M, Y, K, L C, LM
Width 3.2m (126 inch)
Media Handling Roll to roll
Media Paper / advertising banner / PVC / adhensive vinyl and so on
Ink Eco-solvent and solvent-based cmyk
Image Format TIFF / JPG / EPS / PDF / BMP
Printing Software Use photoprint with PRT format to print
Control System Windows 2000 workstation/Windows XP/Vista/Window7
Operation Environment Power: AC (single phase), 50HZ/60HZ 220V
(± 10%)>15A
Distortion: < 0.5% Temperature: 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ Humidity: 40% ~ 70%
Dimension (LxWxH) 4850X740X1100mm
Weight 450kg

Besides the traits of print head, our inkjet printing device is good at printing on lamp house cloth, ad cloth, PVC film, vehicle wrap, network material, etc. It can do CMYK or CMYK.LC.LM printing at a highest speed of 60m2/h. Its acceptable max media thickness can reach 3.2M and its ink is 60% cheaper, but its speed is 35% higher, than that of other printer with the same specification. The special edge leaving and punching functions based on the US printing software, photoprint, do help to save more time with enhancing the work efficiency by 15%. Smart ink supply system can remove the risk of ink shortage. In addition, we introduce edge feathering craft to remove the strips which occur during the passes.

SPRINTER is a China-based inkjet printing machine manufacturer and supplier. We provide broad range of products, including flatbed UV printer, metal sheet printing machine, luxury box inkjet printing machine, vinyl printer, and more.

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