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Our UVR3200 UV printer has several features as follows. It is compatible with both SPECTRA POLARIS 514 15/PL spray head made in US and KM 512 or 1024 14/PL high precision spray head from Japan. The US based print head owns the max printing width of 64.77mm, ink droplet size of 15PL, printing resolution of 1,000DPI and 45KHZ ignition frequency. The other one features alternative types to meet different needs.

Technical Parameters
Accuracy: 1440DPI (Konica print head)
1600dpi (Spectra Polaris print head)
Speed: high speed 41m2/h
production mode 27m2/h
high-precision 21m2/h
Ink: UV curing ink
Dimensions: 4760mm*1040mm*1600mm
Weight: 750KG
Media handling: roll to roll
Material thickness: 3.2m

The UV printer of this type also possesses mechanical superiority. It adopts high bearing work bench which can vacuum absorb and fix the printed material upon it and pneumatic control component imported from Japan.

In terms of the color printing, this printing unit from us can be fixed with the ink case of KCMY, KCMY LcLm, double KCMY and KCMY +W. Moreover it could spray on white color bed or cover or do spot-color printing to meet all kinds of needs. When the machine is working, user can handle the printing procedure through three methods of manual software or machinery button control to do printing upon any various materials. Moreover this series printer has quality adjustable air suction fan, ink detector, ink thermostat, ink supply unit without need for electric power, super power servo motor which can make sure the stable running of whole printer, world famous branded double quiet travel trail, white ink cycling system which has five white painting models and can make full white, picky white, grinding white or non mixed white painting upon the materials, antistatic design which removes the risk of ink splashing, carrier crash proof unit, etc. In addition the machine is accompanied with a PC holder with which user can feel more convenient.

SPRINTER is a specialized UV printer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a vast range of products, including flatbed UV printer, vinyl printer, ceramic tile printing machine, inkjet printing machine and more.

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    1. MAKECOLOR UV PrinterOur MAKECOLOR UV printer features its compatibility of KM 1024 spray head, abbreviated for Konica branded 1024 14pl wide format spray head, which is equal to double 512 14pl high precision spray unit. It can use the KM 1024 spray head to work at a printing width of 72mm, which gives our MAKECOLOR series printer an outstanding work efficiency.
    1. HORNET UV PrinterOur HORNET UV printer features SPECTRA POLARIS 514 15/PL spray made in US head whose printing width is 64.77mm, ink droplet size can reach15PL, max resolution can be 1,000DPI and ignition frequency can be 45KHZ. The ink spray head we fix on our machine is new in market, 2009. It sprays versatile ink with double line and color which greatly enhances the work efficiency.