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An imported UV-LED curing system is adopted in this POWER3 UV printer. This system conserves more energy, dries the ink instantly and ensures a longer service life of the printer. Besides, this printer can handle more soft materials and thus has a wider range of applications for base materials which does not need to be preprocessed.

1. This printer's linear guide rail and high-precision X aluminum beam raises the operating accuracy of the ink cartridge carriage and reduces noise.
2. The suction of the working platform ensures stable stepping in the course of printing and smoother printed materials.
3. The function of four-color spray heads cleaning improves the efficiency of traditional spray head cleaning.
4. The printer carriage has a double slider which enables the printer head to operate faster and more reliably.
5. The adoption of IGUS drag chain line, DELTA servo motor and MEGADYNE hold-in range ensures reliable operation of this POWER3 UV printer in the long run.
6. A standby backup battery is equipped to maintain the operation of negative pressure system in case of a sudden short of electricity in this printer and when electricity supply continues, the printer can quickly be engaged in work.
7. The printer is installed with internationally renowned brand light—UV-LED curing light which dries ink quickly. Besides, this curing light is resistant to deformation and crack and thus owns a long service life.
8. The printer uses eco-friendly UV curing ink (a new trend in the future) which does not contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).
9. The eco-friendly UV curing ink can be directly printed on various materials. The advantage of this ink enables the printer to completely replace traditional spray equipment used for outdoor advertisement and indoor photography. This POWER3 UV printer has a wide range of applications in the field of indoor and family decoration, such as wall paper, public display board, etc.

Technical Parameters of POWER3 UV Printer

Model POWER 3
Color C M Y K four-color or C M Y K Lc Lm six-color (white color and varnish are optional)
Spray head Need-oriented Piezoelectric ink-jet method
Maximum DPI 4PASS/ 720X720 360X720DPI
8PASS/ 720X1440 360X1440DPI
Print Mode and Print Speed (8 Print Heads) Up to 51.4 ㎡/h
Type of Material Wood panel, aluminum panel, door plank, paper board, PVC expansion sheet, ceiling panel, glass, ceramics, acrylic, PVC, etc.
Maximum Printing Width 3.2 m
Image File Format Tiff, Jpeg, Postscript3, EPS, PDF, etc.
Type of Ink Environmental protective UV ink
Volume of Ink 2.5 liters barreled ink monitored automatically by an ink-level monitor / inking-up without halt of the printer
Current Source AC 220V
Operating Software Photoprint 10 or Seeget
Optional Item 1.Feed Roller
Outline Size (Width x Depth x Height) 5.6 m x 0.82 m x 1.56 m
Net Weight & Gross Weight 700 kg & 850 kg
Packaging Size (Width x Depth x Height) 5.07 m x 0.95 m x 1.7 m
Minimum Working Area (Width x Depth x Height)

7.6 m x 2.1 m x 2.60 m
Requirements for Working Environment Operating Temperature /15-30℃(59-86℉)
Operating Humidity /40-80% RH (non-condensing)
Operating Noise /below or equals to 80dB
Safety Certification CE Certification

Note: Customers will not be informed of any variation of the above technical parameters, which are based on real appliances.

Range of Applications

Suitable for various materials, such as car sticker, camp tent, marking flag, indoor and outdoor lighting cloth, leather, cloth, decorative painting, fabrics, thin film, wall paper, etc.

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