2. MAKECOLOR UV PrinterOur MAKECOLOR UV printer features its compatibility of KM 1024 spray head, abbreviated for Konica branded 1024 14pl wide format spray head, which is equal to double 512 14pl high precision spray unit. It can use the KM 1024 spray head to work at a printing width of 72mm, which gives our MAKECOLOR series printer ...
    1. HORNET UV Printer
    2. HORNET UV PrinterOur HORNET UV printer features SPECTRA POLARIS 514 15/PL spray made in US head whose printing width is 64.77mm, ink droplet size can reach15PL, max resolution can be 1,000DPI and ignition frequency can be 45KHZ. The ink spray head we fix on our machine is new in market, 2009. It sprays versatile ink ...
    1. Inkjet Printing Machine
    2. HDA3308KM Inkjet Printing MachineHDA3308KM inkjet printing machine we provide is equipped with eight Konica branded 512 42/14 Pl print heads having functions of model switch and piezoelectric smart ink supply. This KM 512 print head it uses has resolution of 360 dpi which allows 512 tiny nozzles to be arranged in the head.
    1. Inkjet Printing Machine
    2. HDB3308KM+ Inkjet Printing MachineOur HDB3308KM+ inkjet printing machine features eight Konica 1024 14Pl print heads, abbreviated for KM 1024 printer head, which can fulfill 72 mm wide format printing, 1440 dpi finished picture, max printing speed of 88m2/h beyond many printers with the same other specifications.
    1. Vinyl Printer
    2. SU1800 Vinyl PrinterModel: SU1800
      Printing Technology: EPSON DX5 the 5th generation of micro piezo technology
      Printing Head Height: 2mm/3mm(adjustable)
      Number of Nozzles: 180nozzles * 8lines*1 head
    1. Inkjet Printing Machine
    2. HDC3316XR Inkjet Printing MachineOur HDC3316XR inkjet printing machine adopts sixteen XAAR 128/40 PL print head from UK and each one has a hundred and twenty eight nozzles with 40pl max droplet and 8.3 KHz ignition frequency. This print head our machine uses weighs only 15.5 g and can be fixed easily. It can work at a printing accuracy of 1440dpi ...

Our goal at Huidi is to provide the most advanced professional digital printer products in the world. Currently our MAKECOLOR UV printing machine, HORNET UV printer, HDB3316KM inkjet printing machine, and EPSON DX5 outdoor and indoor printers are popular with our foreign customers. Achieving complete customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, as it is our mission to create the maximum benefit for our customers by providing intelligent, creative, and integrated services, so we can achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Huidi has an outstanding technical team of talented senior engineers who bring rich experience from working at world famous companies in the printing industry prior to joining us.

We have formed relationships with numerous transportation companies, so we have access to a wide range of transport routes. We export our printing machines to more than 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, India, South Africa, etc. We can safely and reliably transport our goods to almost anywhere in the world and have earned an excellent reputation with our overseas customers.

We at Huidi are highly dedicated and pragmatic, and strive to advance and continually innovate so as to remain at the forefront of our industry. One of our primary focuses is on the technical development of our digital printers. Not only do we service a wide range of businesses, but we also remain globally unique. Our aim is to fully leverage this uniqueness in aggressively carrying out our convergence strategy, so that we can continue to emotionally touch and excite our customers. It is our goal to work together with a vast number of clients to create a brilliant future together.